What are the formatting requirements for my cover art?

You must own, or have licensed all rights relating to the submitted material.

Your cover art must:

• Be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format

• Be at least 3000x3000 pixels in size, and a perfect square (1:1 aspect ratio)

Your cover art must NOT:

• Contain blurry or pixelated images

• Contain URLs, e-mail addresses, phone numbers

• Contain illegal or offensive material (nudity, drugs, extreme violence, etc.)

• Contain track titles or track information

• Contain copyrighted or trademarked material (logos, company names, etc.)

• Contain references to pricing

• Contain misleading information (images or names of artists not on album, etc.)

• Contain an upsell to another product elsewhere

For additional details please consult our Guidelines Video and the iTunes Style Guide
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