How do I withdraw money from my ReverbNation Credit Account?

Minimum balance requirements:

You may withdraw funds from your ReverbNation Credit Account after the account has a minimum balance of $5.00 (plus any applicable PayPal transaction fees).

Associated withdrawal fees:

You are always responsible for paying all applicable transaction fees, bank fees, or other charges related to your withdrawal of your funds. Withdrawals from a ReverbNation Credit Account may only be made to a PayPal account associated with the authorized user of the ReverbNation Credit Account.

When will my funds be available for withdrawal?

All funds received by ReverbNation on your behalf from digital distribution sales are held in your ReverbNation Credit Account for 35 days before they become available to you for withdrawal. Alternatively, funds earned through eCommerce sales are held in your ReverbNation Credit Account for 60 days before they become available.

How do withdraw funds:

Any funds available to you are initially displayed in your “Balance.” After the appropriate time period has expired (and all criteria listed above are met), the funds are displayed in your “Available Balance”.

You may withdraw them to your PayPal account by simply clicking “Withdraw Money”.

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