How do I edit my Promote It campaign?

Once a Promote It campaign has been submitted, we are unable to make changes to that specific campaign. If you need to make any edits, you will need to cancel the ad, make any necessary changes, then re-submit the corrected Promote It campaign.


To cancel a Promote It ad:

First, you will need to cancel the automatic renewal of the active Promote It campaign you'd like to edit. Go to your User Menu > Settings > Services. From there, click the  "Cancel Renewal" button. 

A page will appear that summarizes the results of the campaign you selected. At the bottom of that page, you will need to type "CONFIRM" in the box provided AND click the box that says "Also cancel the currently-running campaign. This will return you a "Promote It credit" for use towards a future campaign. 


To resubmit a canceled Promote It ad:

Once you have canceled your existing ad, please resubmit a new campaign.  From your profile click 'Promote' in the top menu.  From here you can select the appropriate campaign type to re-submit.  


Unused funds from a canceled Promote It ad:

If you still have any unused funds left on the canceled campaign, we will provide this budget to you as a Promote It credit. You can use Promote It credit towards the purchase of any future campaign.


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