What if I don't belong to a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) yet?

In order to submit a song, each writer (or writers) must be registered as a writer with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO).  

  • Writer(s) in the United States must be registered with ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC.
  • Writer(s) in Canada must be registered with SOCAN.  

Additionally, each song submitted must be associated with a publishing entity for each writer and that publishing entity must be registered as a publisher with the writer's society.  In the case of multiple writers on a song, they can each have their own publishing entity or they can have a single publishing entity for each of them. In the event that writers belong to different PROs, a separate publishing entity must be established at each PRO to which the writers belong. When the songs are registered with a PRO, the writer shares and publisher shares must match.

All information and forms for joining a performing rights organization, both as a writer and a publisher, can be found on the following websites:





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