How does some free email providers DMARC Policy Changes Impact my Booking Requests?

In April 2014, Yahoo & AOL changed their DMARC policy to stop fraudulent emails. Because of this change, many email receivers started bouncing emails received from or addresses.  Starting in the summer of 2016, other popular email providers like Gmail and Hotmail will soon adopt similar policies.  To ensure your booking inquiries are delivered, do not send them from any of these email addresses.

We therefore recommend using a custom domain for your account’s email address instead of trying to find a temporary solution by switching to another freemail provider. Using your own custom domain will prevent future deliverability issues caused by sudden changes such as these.

If you need help registering a new domain or custom email address, then we recommend looking into ReverbNation’s Site Builder product which allows artists to register their own custom domains and email addresses.

If you can’t register your own domain, we’ll give you a safe From email address to ensure your email is successfully delivered. We’ll add to your From email address to comply with this policy and help get your booking inquiries delivered.  


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