What is a Trending Report?

A Trending Report is an update that shows the unofficial sales activity for a given week. Only sales within the last 90 days are shown on the trending report and new data is added whenever we receive reports from stores.

Where can I find my Trending Reports?
You can find the reports in the Tools > Digital Distribution > Trending Reports section of your account.
How often are Trending Reports made available?
Trending reports are updated periodically from stores. Please note that occasionally there can be a delay on these reports from retailers. Once we receive them, we will deliver them to you as soon as possible.
My Trending Report says I have sales. Can I be paid now?
No. Unfortunately, we can not pay for sales until we receive the official sales reports from retailers. Sales reports are received once per month, however, these reports detail sales that have occurred months prior. As we receive this information, we will use all reasonable efforts to provide it to you as soon as possible.
I had a Trending Report that listed sales, but the official sales report doesn't show those sales?
Trending Reports are unofficial data and are not reflective of the final sales information from the retailer. Discrepancies can occur between a trending report and a sales report for many reasons. In some cases, the missing sales will appear in the next month's sales report.
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