What am I paying for?

If you're receiving charges from ReverbNation, it sounds like you used your payment information to sign up for premium services on our site. Our services are 'a la carte' monthly/yearly subscriptions that arm your profile with tools and utilities to help boost your publicity and fan base. In some cases, our services begin as free trials. To avoid service interruption, each service automatically renews on its listed payment date for the amount of its subscription fee.

Premium services are not mandatory to have a ReverbNation profile, but will remain active on your account until unsubscribed.

If you are unsure what services you are currently paying for, you can review all of your current active premium services:

  • Click on the 'User Picture' on the top right
  • Select 'Settings' from the User's drop-down menu
  • Click the 'Services' tab to the left

In that section, you will have the option to see the next renewal date, review the T&Cs of a service, change the payment method for a service, or unsubscribe.

If you have trouble with the above, there is a video tutorial that walks you through managing/unsubscribing premium services here:



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