What is a Trending Report?

A trending report is an update that shows the unofficial sales activity for a given week. Only sales within the last 90 days are shown on the trending report and new data is added whenever we receive reports from retailers

Where can I find my Trending Reports?

You can find the reports in the Tools - Distribution - Trending Reports section of your account.  

Can I download my Trending Report data?
Yes! When you open your trending report, you will see an "Export" button allowing you to download your report in a CSV file. 
How often are Trending Reports made available?
Trending reports are updated periodically from retailers. Please note there can be a delay in these reports, however, as soon as we receive them we will make the data available to you. 
My Trending reports says I have sales can I be paid now?
No, unfortunately we do not pay out sales until we receive the official sales report from retailers. These reports are received once per month and can details sales that occurred months prior.



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