What are Advanced Insights?

Advanced Insights are a way to learn more about what your audience thinks about specific components of your song.

Songwriting Analysis

Songwriting Analysis covers the most important elements of a hit song including lyrics, song structure, and more. It also includes an analysis of the emotional response your audience had to your song.

Production Quality

If your song is still in the process of being produced - or if you have two similar mixes that you’d like to A/B test – the Production Quality insight will report on what listeners thought about your mix, how they listened (headphones vs speakers, for example), and qualities associated with the sound of your song.

Audience Identification

Knowing who your potential fans are is important when marketing music, and the Audience Identification tab includes detailed demographics of potential fans including where and how they listen to music.

Commercial Potential

The Commercial Potential section covers with the selling and streaming of your music, and measures the likelihoods that your song would be purchased, if the audience would see your live show, and if they would recommend your song.

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