Crowd Review FAQ

What is Crowd Review?

Crowd Reviews offer detailed feedback about your song's market appeal from listeners in your genre. In-depth listener commentary and easy-to-understand statistics help you make better-informed decisions about composition, production, and promotion. You can even get reports for songs that aren't finished yet. 

Score a 7.5 or better on your Track Rating score with Crowd Reviews, and you could earn a spot on the Crowd Picks section of the ReverbNation homepage.

Where can I purchase Crowd Review?

You can purchase a Crowd Review by navigating to “Tools” > “Crowd Review” from the main menu, or by clicking the link below.

Reviews cost $0.49 per review, and you can order anywhere from 20 to 200 reviews in a single report.

Depending on your needs, you can optionally purchase Advanced Insights with your crowd review for additional $3.75 per track. These insights collect specific data about aspects of your song such as songwriting, production quality, or commercial readiness.

I accidentally purchased a Crowd Review for the wrong song. Can I change it?

Unfortunately, no. As soon as the review is purchased, the information starts to be distributed and can not be recalled.

Where do I find the results of my Crowd Review?

Once your Crowd Review has been delivered to your profile (it can take 3-5 business days from the date of purchase. Rush reports are usually delivered within 1-2 business days.), you can view it by logging into your profile and clicking on Tools > Crowd Reviews.

Then, click on "Show Report" to view the results.

You are also given the option to download the Crowd Review to a PDF file by selecting the "Download Crowd Review" button in the bottom left corner of your review.

Please keep in mind that occasionally, when we experience a high volume of Crowd Review orders, it may take slightly longer than these estimates. This is due to the fact that we are soliciting responses from real people, and verifying their authenticity.

Why can't I select some of my songs for a Crowd Review?

We'd love for all of your songs to be reviewed! Unfortunately, we do have 2 minor requirements when using our Crowd Review product.    

  • Songs eligible for Crowd Review must be at least 90 seconds long to be reviewed.
  • Songs can not be truncated (the file cuts off) even if the length of the song before it cuts off is over 90 seconds.


Why didn't my play count increase from Crowd Review?

Your play count on a particular song will not increase with the purchase of Crowd Review. The exact file is played for the listeners, but not in a trackable manner.

Why do I have new Fan Reach subscribers after ordering a Crowd Review?

Since the music fans who review your song are real people, we offer them the option to view your ReverbNation profile or opt-in directly to your Fan Reach list with your email. If you have new subscribers after ordering a Crowd Review, it’s a very good sign that your music is connecting with listeners.


Why do some reviews have typos?

Remember, these are real fans online that are reviewing your music. To keep the integrity of the review, ReverbNation changes NOTHING about what the fan had to say about your music. For this reason, you may see shorthand typing, lowercase, etc, as we preserve the exact text the reviewer issued.


What happens when my track gets a rating of 7.5 or higher?

You will be sent an email(to the email registered to your profile) with a form prompting you to select a date for your Crowd Pick slot. Please keep an eye out as this email may take a few days to reach your inbox. 

Can I be featured for the same song more than once?

Unfortunately no, not at this time. You can only be featured for a specific song once that song scores the required track rating.

Remember, the service you are paying for is for the Crowd Review itself. The potential Featured Artist spot is an add-on bonus, and is not offered for track ratings lower than 7.5 or for repeat purchases of the same track.


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