Promote It Campaign Discretionary Promotional Credits

Promote It Service purchases are subject to our standard Refund Policy found in section 7.(f) of the General Terms and Conditions, which states that ReverbNation will provide a refund only in the case of (A) a service/product malfunction which you have reported to while the applicable Service is still active, so that the malfunction can be verified; and (B) a billing error for an unsubscribed Service for which you have provided confirmation of the unsubscription before (not on or after) the renewal date on file for the Service in question.  Also see our Refund Policy FAQs.

If you purchased a Promote It campaign and terminate the campaign early (other than for a refund condition set forth above) during the active listing period, you are not entitled to a refund under our Refund Policy. 

However, on a case-by-case basis, and solely at our discretion for such reasons as we deem appropriate, a portion of the remaining unused balance for that campaign may be credited to your Promote It Campaign List as a good faith, promotional, Promote It Credit.  Promote It Credits might not be offered to all users. We have sole discretion in determining the amount of any such Promote It Credit.  You have no right, interest, title, or claim in such credits, regardless of whether any other user has received such a credit. Promote It Credits are a form of Site credit redeemable only toward future Promote It campaign purchases, and have no cash value. 

We may expire Promote It Credits at any time, but in all cases Promote It Credits must be redeemed before the date that is six (6) months after the date of issuance of the applicable Promote It Credit, and at which point such credits will automatically expire.  We reserve the right to discontinue Promote It Credits at any time, at which point such Promote It Credits will be deemed immediately expired.  To redeem, and maintain Promote It Credits, you must maintain a Site account in good standing, and comply with all applicable terms, including the General Terms and Conditions. Unless required by law, Promote It Credits are non-transferrable and are not redeemable for cash.

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