What is Sponsored Artist?

Our Sponsored Artist product allows you to purchase ads, specific to your geographical location, which will be featured on ReverbNation's homepage and charts pages. Anyone visiting the ReverbNation homepage who is from your same location, or searching for charts in your location, will also see your ad.

Sponsored Artist ads are offered as a recurring weekly subscription, but you can cancel the service at any time. It's a great way to gain exposure locally, drive traffic to your page, and connect with new fans in your area. You can manage your sponsored artist subscription within the Premium Services tab under your Account settings.

* Please note that there are a very limited number of ads available per geographical location. If you are unable to purchase a Sponsored Artist ad at this time, then all the available spots may have already been purchased in your area. When someone cancels a subscription, or chooses not to renew, their ad space will become available for you to purchase!



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