Paid Third-Party Services Guaranteeing Streams

Third-party promotional services which advertise, guarantee, or promise streams of your distributed material are not legitimate and should not be used.  Further, those services are not permitted by our General Terms and Conditions, and are prohibited by Digital Retailer site terms and conditions, and policies. 

The use of such third-party services which manipulate or interfere with our Site, a Digital Retailer's site, and/or your works distributed to such Digital Retailer, in order to promote and/or artificially increase streams constitutes fraud, is a violation of our General Terms & Conditions, and is prohibited by the terms and conditions of the applicable streaming Digital Retailer(s).  If we identify, or are alerted to potential or confirmed cases of manipulation of streams, we will take action which may include, but is not limited to, withholding of royalties.  We, and the applicable Digital Retailers may also remove such content from both our platform and the Digital Retailers Platform, and we will terminate your Site account.

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