What makes a track instrumental?

Here are a few tricks to help you decide whether your music is instrumental or vocal:

  • A fully instrumental track, apart from a few “oooh’s” and “aaah’s”? > choose Instrumental.
  • A mostly instrumental track, but distinctive lyrics? (“Put your hands up for Detroit”) > choose Vocal.
  • A fully instrumental track, apart from a watermark at the beginning? (“Beats by Dr. Dre”) > choose Instrumental.
  • A fully vocal track, but no distinctive lyrics? (an acapella performance for example) > choose Vocal.
  • Is the track performed in a language that is not supported by our platform? > choose the language that is the closest to the original or choose English


Much like explicit lyrics, retailers will reject releases that are not correctly marked. This can also result in one or more stores removing the release after it has been delivered. So, be sure to take the time to fill out the song details before submitting and double-check them for accuracy.

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