What are Explicit Lyrics?

Generally, explicit lyrics contain language that you wouldn’t want your kids to hear. If you don’t have kids then let’s just say explicit content is strong language or profanity (curse words).


Why is it important to correctly mark explicit songs you ask?


Retailers will reject releases that are not correctly marked. This can also result in one or more stores removing the release after it has been delivered. Since you know your music better than anyone else it is up to you to decide if your track should be marked explicit or not when submitting your release. If your content has strong language or depictions of violence, discrimination, sex, or substance abuse then you should mark it as explicit in song details.





But what if I’m submitting a clean version?


A release should only be marked as “clean” if you have submitted the same content marked as “explicit” in a previous release and the explicit version is already live on retailers. If this applies to you please reach out to us at digitaldistribution@reverbnation.com and we can assist with marking the release.

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