What are the rules regarding importing contacts into FanReach?

We have strict policies requiring FanReach users to have explicit permission to import third party email addresses into the FanReach product.  Applicable laws, including, the CAN-SPAM Act and various privacy laws, require that FanReach users have these permissions in order to send marketing emails to third parties. The FanReach Terms and Conditions prohibit the use of third party email addresses unless the owners of those email addresses have explicitly consented to receive email communications from the FanReach user.  You must obtain consent to distribute email marketing from each contact you import. The FanReach product will automatically send a subscription confirmation email to, at a minimum, a subset of the email addresses you upload to FanReach.  Separately, each person who provides an email address via a Mailing List Widget, a Site Builder Mailing List Sign Up, or through the Become a Fan mailing list opt in will automatically receive a similar subscription confirmation email.  Your failure to obtain consent from the owner of each imported email address will result in termination of your FanReach privileges or account termination.

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