How do I get my files into mp3 format so that I can upload them to my profile?

There are several ways to make your files mp3s and there are several converters available on the Internet. If you know what file format your songs are in already, you can Google search for a way to convert them (For example, if your files are .wma files, then Google search for "convert wma to mp3") and you will find several different options. If you have your songs on CDs, you can use iTunes easily to convert by following these steps:

  1. Download iTunes for free at
  2. Open iTunes and go into Preferences > General > Import Settings > drop down menu choose MP3 ENCODER
  3. Insert your cd into your computer and click IMPORT
  4. This will import the tracks from your CD to your computer in mp3 format.
If you already have them in iTunes, follow step 2, and then right click on any song and click "CONVERT SELECTION" and it will convert the file.
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