What is a 'fan exclusive' song?

'Fan exclusives' are a great way to provide casual listeners with an incentive to become registered fans, join your mailing list, and/or provide information about themselves like age, gender, and location so that the Artist can get some additional benefit out of providing great music for them to enjoy. ReverbNation does not recommend making all of an Artist's songs 'fan exclusives'. A 'fan exclusive' means that unidentified listeners will only be able to stream the song. They will be prompted to become a registered fan of the Artist in order to access the download. The fan will be sent a confirmation email to make sure they are not using bogus identification to access the song. Once confirmed, they will be given access to the download. 'Fan exclusive' songs will NOT appear in any of the widgets EXCEPT for the Tunewidget and the Exclusives Widget. To make a song a "Fan Exclusive", simply choose that option when you upload. If you want to change an existing song to a "Fan Exclusive", click on the 'edit song' button next to the song and change the setting to the 'fan exclusive' option. You must enable FanReach to use the exclusive song features.

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