My browser won't allow me to install Band Profile. Why?

In order to install Band Profile, you will need to enable and allow 3rd party cookies. Depending on the browser you are currently using, follow the instructions below to make the appropriate changes.

Internet Explorer

  1. Click Start > Control Panel.
  2. Double-click the Internet Options icon.
  3. Click the Privacy tab.
  4. Click the Advanced button.
  5. Select the option 'Override automatic cookie handling' under the Cookies section in the Advanced Privacy Settings window.

Mozilla FireFox

  1. Go to the Firefox drop-down menu(three lines to upper right).
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Click Privacy.
  4. Set "Firefox will:" to Use custom settings for history.
  5. Check the box next to "Accept cookies from sites" to enable cookies.
  6. Click OK.

Google Chrome

  1. Open Chrome preferences(three lines to the upper right
  2. Click on Settings, then Show Advanced Settings.
  3. Under Privacy, click on Content Settings.
  4. Make sure "Block third-party cookies and site data" is not checked.


  1. Go to the Safari drop-down menu.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Click Privacy in the top panel.
  4. Under 'Block cookies' select the option 'Never.'
  5. For increased security, once you have finished using the site, please change the Privacy setting back to Always.
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