Where do I find the settings to set up my Site Builder email?

Standard settings for your e-mail client:

For Site Builder Pro customers you may have up to 5 email addresses with your custom domain name. This must be a domain name that you have registered through ReverbNation. The information provided below contains various “standard” settings recommended to set up your e-mail clients, regardless of the client or the operating system you use. This will enable you to use your own choice of software to send and receive email from your custom domain.

Client-specific instructions:

These instructions may be based on out-dated versions of the third party software. Please see with the documentation of your email client (Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) if you have difficulties in configuring it, as ReverbNation does not provide customer support for the use of these programs.

General configuration & settings:


  • The POP account enables you to “download” messages from a server to a computer. This is the simplest and most common setting for an e-mail client.
  • The IMAP account enables you to access messages directly on the server. We recommend the use of POP for the very simple reason that emails are not stored locally with an IMAP account, and so you risk losing emails if you run out of storage space or forget to renew.
  • TLS/SSL: TLS is a more recent secure protocol than SSL. Nevertheless, it appears as though (at least some) e-mail clients have trouble managing TLS, so we recommend SSL.
  • Yourdomain.tld: when you see this expression, replace it by your own domain name (as in example.com). For your information, TLD means and represents your domain's extension (.com, .net, .org, .fr, .eu, .co.uk, …).

POP/IMAP Account

  • Incoming server name: mail.gandi.net
  • Port: leave the default setting (110 for POP, 143 for IMAP, 995 for POP SSL, or 993 for IMAP SSL).
  • TLS or SSL: Yes
  • Username: your full e-mail address (including @yourdomain.tld)
  • Password: provide the password you defined when creating the mailbox

SMTP Account

  • Outgoing (SMTP) server name : mail.gandi.net
  • Port : 25, 465 (with SSL) or 587 (with STARTTLS)
  • TLS or SSL : yes
  • SMTP Authentication : yes, using the same settings as for the POP / IMAP account

If you encounter an error, don't forget that you are absolutely entitled to using your Internet Service Provider's SMTP. In that case, remember to disable SMTP authentication, as your Internet service provider can identify you through your connection's IP address automatically.

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